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As President you are in charge of planning meetings, trips to conferences, and answering many, many emails. Good organizational skills are key to being able to manage the workload of the position, which is pretty steady throughout the year (apart from conferences). Must be a good communicator and have leadership experience!​


External Vice President oversees the Professional Liaison, Industry Events Director and their assistants in order to help gain sponsors and maintain relationships with the companies that sponsor us. External Vice President also helps set up and run the two main events we have each year in the external branch.


​Internal Vice President is mostly responsible for the SWEeties new member program. This focuses on engaging and connecting freshmen with a current SWE member as a mentor. IVP is responsible for guiding and supporting other members of the internal branch. Communication and organization are two of the most important characteristics for the position. 


Professional Liaison contacts employers to obtain sponsors to fund SWE events and collaborates with top employers to bring keynote speakers to meetings. The professional liaison also gets to help design the section's shirts and works with the Resume Database assistant to promote SWE members to sponsors. 


Industry Events Director organizes Evening with Industry and Night of Networking which are our section's largest fundraising events. They must communicate with companies and students and coordinate all event details. This requires good organization skills, and a large time commitment during and close to the event.


Director of Outreach plans everything Shadow a SWEester. Organization and time management are keys to success in this position. This position also plans Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day (IGED) where roughly 50 middle school girls will come to the UA for a day and participate in hands on competitions and tours of the campus during the spring semester.


Want a fun, creative, and engaging position? Apply to be Social Chair! This position plans monthly socials for SWE members. As Social Chair, you will be responsible for collecting interests from members about what they want to do, making the appropriate reservations in a timely manner, taking care of RSVP/transportation planning, and the like. 


ESC Representative attends ESC general body meetings. She brings SWE information to ESC and ESC information to SWE members and officers. This includes information about funding, general events in the college of engineering, and E-week.  The ESC representative should be an active officer in the internal branch and support the other officers.


The role of secretary consists of sending out the emails (Monday weekly, before meeting, after meeting, and special event emails), attending meetings, being a mentor in the SWEeties mentorship program, volunteer if needed, taking notes at executive officer meetings, and attending special events like Night of Networking, Evening with Industry, and Shadow a SWEester.


As the media chair, your job is to maintain all social media for SWE including Instagram, Facebook, and everything you see here! This is a great job for those who are creative and organized. Job responsibilities include informing members about each general body meeting, advertising upcoming SWE events, and updating all announcements on our website.

Media Chair

Treasurer for SWE isn’t different than any other club: stay in charge of the finances, deposit checks, develop a budget, and find ways to optimize funds so we can use any extra money more effectively!

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