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SWE is a great way for all students in engineering to meet, bond, and learn while always having fun. It is not exclusive to women and because we have a goal to create an inclusive and professional group.
SWE is a great way to explore options for your career, but SWE doesn't stop there! There are SWE sections in many companies, so the skills and aspects of this association that you gain will not end after graduation.  

We have bi-weekly meetings beginning in August. More details will be sent out via email, so please join the ListServ!
By joining our ListServ you can get SWEekly reminders and hear about all of the SWE events going on. If you want to become a national member, go to the Join SWE Today page. Being a national member is not necessary to be a part of the University of Arizona SWE section, but many people find it another great way to get involved with SWE and be eligible for SWE grants and scholarships.

If you're an incoming freshman to the College of Engineering, check out our SWEeties program. It's a transitional program to help new freshman adjust to college and make life long friends! 

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